Dec 14, 2018 · The HX Stomp is a more than capable virtual amp for your pedalboard, allowing you to easily run your signal direct from the pedal (with Unbalanced or TRS Balanced cables) to an audio recording interface or the FOH mixing board. Navigating the HX Stomp is pretty simple and intuitive once you learn the basic functions of its few knobs and buttons. Recently changed my T-Rex 55 board for a pedaltrain Jr. Got rid of the SP compressor, H9 Max and the volume pedal and got a HX stomp instead. Signal chain is: Strat - Tuner - Mythos Golden fleece - Hudson electronics AP Broadcast - Hotone Cybery looper - Loop 1 King of Tone - Loop 2 Kelley nodded TS808 - Loop 3 Walrus Audio Monument - Loop 4 EP booster - HX stomp - Victory V40D

Oct 21, 2018 · Next, switching the HX Stomps outputs to instrument level, we ran the HX Stomp through one of our favourite sub $400 bedroom tube amplifiers, the Laney Cub 12. It performed well, and did not take away from the nuances and sensitivity you get from a real tube amp. Delays and reverbs sounded warm,... Jan 23, 2020 · The HX Stomp brings Helix processing to a compact floor multi-effects pedal. It has 3 foot switches, a nice little LED screen, six knobs, and four buttons. Connections include stereo ins and outs, a headphone jack, FX loop, MIDI, and a plug for an extra two footswitches or expression pedal. Oct 04, 2018 · I have to move every 4 months now and was wondering if I should sell my rig and get the hx stomp. I haven’t been much of a multi fx lover in the past but this is very appealing considering I couldn’t really hear a difference between the real b7k and the clips I’ve heard of the b7k simulator on the hx stomp.