Let's start from the basics. (if you know a lot about pomade you can just skip to the actual review part of the article) Pomade is a substance that you put in your hair to style it. It doesn't dry out and harden like hair gel does, which means that you can recomb it and restyle your hair throughout the day. ... Although some people apply ...Moisture Rich Scalp and Root Pomade is the premier hair growth scalp and root pomade. Made with certified organic and natural ingredients, this hair pomade is not heavy and will not clog your pores. *Additional reviews and customer feedback about our Scalp and Root Pomade can be found by visiting us on Amazon * *Additional information about our Scalp and Root Pomade can be found Here *

The masculine-scented pomade contains nutrients to both style and care for your tresses. After warming in your hands, work the pomade through your wet or dry hair to provide a healthy sheen. Combine with all the other Bayolea scented products in Penhaligon's full line of men's grooming essentials.